Concert Reviews

From Peter Twitchin, recently retired head of the Herts Music Service on our performance of Haydn’s Creation – June 2017

Congratulations on a great concert – it really came off very well indeed and I was so pleased for you that it was such an outstanding success!

Great soloists – especially Ruairi Bowen, the tenor – lovely voice, great presence and great performer – did he get half the fee as he had only one arm to perform with?!

Very good orchestra – wonderful clarinet and cello who were the stars for me, and they really performed well as an orchestra. I thought your choir, however, were the real stars of night! Marvellous sopranos – beautifully in tune with a true sound with some lovely light but powerful singing from the rest of choir who blended so well! Good articulation when it was called for and some lovely ‘full’, but never forced ‘forte’ singing from all departments.

Hearty congratulations, Tori, on a wonderful concert.


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